When You Have Something to Say…

When You Have Something to Say…

When you don’t feel like a blogger, but you have something to say || Let me just say this has been my mindset for the past few months. The thought of actually establishing, creating, and maintaining a blog was an intimidating thought. And then I remembered, life is too short not to be doing things that inspire us. There are so many facets to our identity; we have so many different purposes in our lives. Perhaps amateur blogger can take up just a small corner of my life resume for a little while. Who know what will come of it, who knows if anyone will even read these posts. Even if this endeavor is therapeutic and thought provoking to only myself, then it was worth it. Like I already said… someone once told me I was good with words, so here’s a few words strung together I hope they may in some way relate to you, uplift you, encourage you, or many even challenge or inspire you || No matter what, I hope that if anyone reads these posts, that when they leave this page, they turn around and choose to live their life fully and show love and kindness to others.

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