Listening and Hearing…

Listening and Hearing…

Have you ever realized that there’s such a different between listening to something (or someone) and actually hearing it? If we’re not actively listening to what’s going on around us, everything will go in one ear and out the other, and we will never truly hear what was being communicated.

I find myself being guilty of not actively listening to people sometimes during conversations when I can easily be more focused on what I want to say rather than what they are telling me. Anyone else every find themselves in this place?

To fix this problem, I usually find it requires me to put down my phone, the vacuum cleaner, measuring cups, tv remote, or cup of coffee and putting aside my thoughts to hear what the person in front of me is saying. One of the greatest ways to make someone feel loved and valued is to show them that they are being heard.

Let me say that one more time, because it’s really hitting home for me…

One of the greatest ways to make someone feel loved and valued is to show them that they are being heard.

So much of our time is spent either listening to people or listening to music. Music is such a huge part of my day. I listen to music when I work out, when I’m cooking or cleaning, writing, driving, or just relaxing and enjoy quiet time. One of my favorite ways to listen to music is on Spotify. I love creating playlists for all different times of day, events and seasons.

I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite playlists that I am constantly listening to. It is a compilation of worship music that soothes my soul and reminds me to adjust my gaze away from the things in life seek to distract me from my purpose and goals. Here it is, have a listen! I love listening to this if I can get a quiet moment in the morning, or with a lit candle, journal and cup of coffee in the afternoon.


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